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# Connecting open source projects to production

OpenInfra Labs is a community, created by and for infrastructure providers and operators, integrating and optimizing different layers of the infrastructure, testing open source code in production, publishing complete, reproducible stacks for existing & emerging workloads, to advance open source infrastructure.

Delivering open source tools to run cloud, container, AI, machine learning and edge workloads efficiently, repeatedly and predictably

Integrated testing

Integration, optimization, and testing of the complete infrastructure stack to support complete use cases


Documentation and bridging of operational, functional, and non-functional gaps to run upstream projects in a production environment

Share repositories

Shared code repositories for cross-layer optimization, operational tooling and the "glue" code that is often written independently by users


Key development activities in OpenInfra Labs include:

Get Involved

If you are building or operating infrastructure for university or research usage, join forces with OpenInfra Labs today.

If you are a technology vendor or provider who would like to participate in OpenInfra labs, contact us at

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